Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sharxfan 20's Essay for a Shout Out

On the Origin of Shoutouts

In modern times, popularity has, and continues to grow in various conducts, styles, and behaviours. Specifically, Youtube.com has presented countless opportunities for individuals to not only increase their popularity, but by doing so; exploit their talents, abilities, and skills. Beginning in 2007, a small number of individuals, who played Yu-Gi-Oh, a trading card game, decided to show off their collections on such site. Soon after, many others followed suit, becoming popular for their decks, collections, player vs. player “duels” and discussions pertaining to certain cards. The “shoutout” is a tool often used by celebrated players and “Yugi-tubers” to increase the popularity of less known duellists. Shoutouts can range from the mere mention of one’s name, to an entire video dedicated to that individual. There are a variety of reasons why a specific Yugituber: Sharxfan20 would benefit from such assistance.

The primary reason is increasing subscriber counts. Like all users, Sharxfan20 desires an increase in popularity, and growth of his name. Like all well-known users, there can be some negativity associated with such a name, regardless of the amount of truth associated with these rumours. This translates to a second reason.

Often users have certain characteristics associated with the mention of their name. In the case of Sharxfan20, the word “scammer” is often brought up. All though such words have proven their falsity, there are still a number of users who believe the association to be, in fact true. A shoutout often brings support to such individuals, and can help “clear” the name of negativities.

Finally, a shoutout can bring better relations with a user and the rest of the community. It is very important that such relations exist, because it is what fuels an individual to use the positive support and thus continue to make videos, as well as gain support and therefore subscribers.

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  1. wow he took this essay and made it really deep. i almost feel asleep reading this thing like 2-3 times. xD